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Counselling is a process where a trained professional helps an individual willing to seek help in order to solve their emotional, professional, or relationship problems. The counsellor guides the counselee to gain insight about the problem and helps them learn about their unhealthy behaviour. A counsellor can also support the individual to modify these unhealthy behaviour patterns.

A psychologist is a professional with a post graduate degree in the field of psychology or mental health. A psychologist helps their client to deal with stress and emotional conflict. They study and deal with human behaviour and mental disorders.

In a counselling session, the client will benefit from the professional understanding of the counsellor about human behaviour. The counsellor helps the individual to understand their behaviour and how does it help shape the behaviour of people around them. So, counselling can help clients reshape their life circumstances and bring situations under their own control

A counselling session consists of a counsellor who is a trained professional and a client who is an individual seeking help voluntarily. A counselling session generally ranges from about 50 minutes to an hour. During this session, the counsellor helps the client to address the underlying problems in their behaviour and helps modify them

Career counselling is the process in which an expert – a trained professional guides students and other individuals in order to make the right career choices. Career counselling can be useful for high school students as well as graduates. Several individuals also opt for career counselling at different stages of their career as well. Career counselling works alongside career assessments and career guidance to give the best results to the students.

A career counsellor is a professional trained to help individuals make the right career choices. A career counsellor can help both students who are just starting out in their careers and individuals who have advanced in their careers but wish to either change it or make major changes. Career counsellors are trained to conduct career assessments which help them understand their clients in detail and help them build a robust career which yields the best returns both professionally and financially

Students can largely benefit from career counselling since they are just starting out in their careers. It is best to have a coach and a mentor from the beginning itself. A career counsellor can help students to choose the right stream, degree, and college according to their interests, aptitude, and personality traits.

Vocational guidance refers to the process where a career counsellor helps an individual to choose the best job available, and prepare for the same. Vocational guidance is beneficial for freshers who are looking for their first jobs right out of college. Individuals who wish to change their career path can also benefit from vocational guidance.

Here to hear is an organization founded by Namrata Grover. We are here to help you out make the best career decisions with the help of several tools and techniques that we have.

Here to Hear is aimed at providing the best career counselling services pan India. We help young individuals take the best career decisions for themselves with the help of career counselling, career assessments, and career guidance. We also provide vocational guidance for individuals who are looking to change their career path.

At here to hear, we will help you help identify your niche, your interests, and areas in which you have aptitude. We carry our assessments which will provide you with an in-depth understanding of your personality, your interests, and guide you to select a career choice in alignment with these factors.

Career assessments are tests which assesses various aspects of your life such as personality traits, interests, aptitude, understanding, resources available, and more. It also tests your cognitive abilities, reasoning skills, emotional stability, and several other aspects in order to come up with the kind of career that will suit you the best

Yes once these assessments are done you will receive a report for your further reference.

Career assessments help you to consider different factors which influence career choices while making a well informed decision.

No, since career assessments test your personal abilities you do not need for these assessments.

Disclaimer: We are not a suicide support service. Please note that we do not claim to treat mental disorders. However, if you need help you can find some essential contacts here!