What all you can avail ?

Career Assessments

Career assessments are the first and the most crucial step in the process. Here, the student has to give an artificial intelligence-based career assessment test, which is used to weigh several factors like interests, skill level, personality traits, and more. They help the student become more aware and realistic of their self and their career options. These assessments will form the base of the counselling sessions. These assessments also help the counsellor get an in-depth understanding of the student’s traits which will influence their career decision.

Career Mapping

Career mapping is the process by which a career counsellor helps the student map out different career options suitable for him/her. This mapping is done based on several assessments, both of the available career options and the capabilities of the student. Career counsellor, while mapping, keeps in mind the student’s past work, socio-economic status and his/her psychomotor skills. By career mapping, the counsellor helps open gates to different paths which were first invisible to the student. It gives him/her a broader perspective and helps him gain an insight about the most suitable option.

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Exam Anxiety Counselling

Exam anxiety or what in layman’s term we call as exam phobia acts as a barrier for several students. Despite in-depth knowledge of the subject, most of the students find it hard to remember the content at the time of their exams. They become worried, sweaty, restless, and scared. They find it tough to give the examination and develop an “exam fear”. Sometimes, the anxiety increases to a level where they feel too much pressure and are not able to concentrate on their studies. Exam anxiety counselling can help a student fight this fear of exams by using specific techniques and developing skills that make him/her calmer and more confident.

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Career Counselling

Career Counselling sessions are conducted by our founder, Namrata Grover. We provide our clients with personalized career counselling sessions in which the expert guides the clients to choose a career path that is the best for them. These sessions are held in two parts. Initially, the expert works with the student to understand them better. These sessions are then followed up by counselling sessions with the parents, where the factors influencing the decisions are discussed in detail.

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Studying Skills Session

What makes an average student different from a high scoring student is their study habits and motivational drives. All of us have our own ways of studying and learning. We develop these habits over time which may or may not help us survive in the longer run. At here to hear, we help students to become flexible with their habits and introduce them to techniques that enhance their concentration, accuracy and precision. These study skills sessions embark them on a journey towards exceptional learning and thinking out of the box. Hence, these sessions not only improve their academic performance but also gives them an in-depth understanding of their subjects.

Parenting Counselling

Raising a child is not an easy job. Parents play a massive role in the emotional, cognitive, social, and holistic development of the child. Parents need to learn about children’s mental health and prepare themselves accordingly. They need to be aware of the child’s needs and be flexible in their approach towards him/her to keep pace with their growth. At Here to Hear, we help parents navigate their way through the difficulties of parenting. Parental counselling sessions will help you understand your children better, develop skills you need to deal with the everyday issues and create a safe space within your homes for you and for your child.

Workshops & Training

Here to Hear brings to you several workshops and training programs which will help students belonging to diverse backgrounds gain exposure in the field psychology. Psychology is a social science subject that can be applied everywhere and anywhere. These workshops are conducted by experts who not only talk about the theoretical aspects but also focus on teaching practical applications. We aim to make education and training from experts accessible to students in a broader range so as to help them learn and grow. We will be soon announcing the series of upcoming workshops on our page and website.

Psychology Classes

We at Here to Hear offer online-coaching classes for 11th & 12th grade students studying psychology. We have the most qualified teachers to provide our students with top-notch quality services. Our teachers aim to provide a one-stop solution for all their doubts. We offer special assistance to the students in need and involve creative media and activities to make the subject more interesting for everyone. We believe that no child should be left behind and therefore, our educators focus on bringing out the best of capabilities of all our students.

Disclaimer: We are not a suicide support service. Please note that we do not claim to treat mental disorders. However, if you need help you can find some essential contacts here!